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A birth records contains significant information of any birth. It is an excellent tool that helps to identify anyone. It is in fact the most important dossier that is used for confirming identity. Moreover, one can derive numerous clues from the birth history record about the ancestors and citizenship of people. Besides, birth record is immensely valuable when it comes to countering illegal infiltration and immigration which is a major security concern. Birth records are also required for school registration, obtaining driver's license and work permits, obtaining social security number, playing sports and the likes.

Type of Information You May Find in Birth Records:

  • Ages of parents
  • Child's gender
  • Date and place of birth
  • Full name of child
  • Hospital or name a medical attendant
  • Maiden name for the mother
  • Names of both parents
  • Occupation of parents
  • Parents' approximate years of birth
  • Parents' birthplaces
  • Place of birth
  • Race of child
  • Religious affiliation

With the ever-evolving online facility, it is child's play to obtain birth records in Merced County, California. This wonderful search index has remarkably simplified Merced County birth records search in USA. Now birth records of significant years such as 1962, 1977, 1980 and the likes are easily available online. Besides, you can also step into a variety of other county records including marriage, death, obituary & cemetery information, census data, adoption information, inmate & jail records, Merced county court case lookups, land data, and military & service records. The search tool is regularly aggregating information from reliable sources, adding information to the database. Hence, grab the opportunity to access updated and upgraded California County Records within a matter of minutes and resolve numerous issues of day to day life.

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